Coordinated System of Care
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CSoC Statewide Implementation

The Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership is excited to begin working towards statewide implementation of CSoC throughout Louisiana.  Click here to learn more about our progress.


The term system of care is used often and can mean many things. For us, a system of care is an overarching philosophy and approach that is embraced by everyone working on behalf of children and families. This includes ensuring there is a coordinated network of services and supports for children and youth with behavioral health challenges and their families and that this network aligns with a core set of values.

What is Louisiana's Coordinated System of Care?

Louisiana's Coordinated System of Care or CSoC is the state's effort to bring this philosophy and approach to Louisiana.  By establishing CSoC, we can help to make sure that young people in or at risk of out of home placement with significant behavioral health challenges are able to receive the supports and services they need.

Systems of Care help families and children

  • Have a stronger voice in their care
  • Become more independent
  • Stay together in communities and homes

All young people who are referred for CSoC face serious challenges with their emotions and behavior.

Many young people and families choose CSoC because they want something in their lives to get better. Maybe it's their family lives, friendships, or grades. Perhaps it's their feelings about themselves and others. Often, it's many things. 

Some young people don't choose to participate in CSoC. It is chosen for them, maybe by a family member, a therapist, or even a judge. They may have had problems with the law, or have difficulty in school or other situations.

What we believe

Children and families are most likely to succeed when all people working on behalf of young people and their families are guided by the following values:

  • Family driven
  • Youth guided
  • Culturally and Linguistically Competent (in a way that the family is comfortable)
  • Home and Community based
  • Strength-based
  • Individualized
  • Integrated Across Systems (bringing agencies, schools and providers together to work with families)
  • Connected to Natural Helping Networks
  • Data driven and outcomes oriented
  • Unconditional Care

We know that:

  • Children belong in homes and communities
  • Whenever possible, children belong with their families
  • Children and families are more empowered to deal with behavioral health challenges when they receive help

CSoC is a philosophy and approach where children with significant behavioral health challenges receive the needed services and supports within their homes and communities.

Systems of care help families and children have a stronger voice in their care and become more independent.

What we can achieve:

According to the national evaluation of Systems of Care, youth involved in Systems of Care:

  • Spend more time in school
  • Have improved grades
  • Have fewer arrests
  • Show reductions in disciplinary problems
  • Have improved emotional health
  • Have fewer suicide attempts
  • Are less costly
  • Have reduced use of inpatient and residential care

Source: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Short Report 2008

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